Bhabana THAPA (バーバナ・タパ)

出身地:Nepal (ネパール)

出身大学:ネパール,トリブバン大学(Tribuvan University)

  • 自己紹介:
  • 私費留学生特待プログラムで2013年4月に札幌にやってきました。I was born in Dadeldhura, far western part of Nepal. I have grown up with my mother, father and siblings in a small town. As I grew up I developed a strong interest in reading, painting and travelling. I like Japanese culture, a way of living style and delicious foods. Hope my three years will be completed with full of happiness. I will do my best to make my carrier meaningful.
  • 研究テーマ:
  • Investigation of the Seti River disaster (May 5, 2012) and assessment of past and future mountain hazards facing Pokhara, Nepal and upstream communities
  • 研究概要:
  • My research focuses on mountain geomorphology and related hazards in the Pokhara Valley, Nepal. The study area is located in the Annapurna Himal, which is famous for its amazing mountainous environment and trekking route. My research aims to figure out the geomorphic changes of before and after the flood, and to identify the cause of the flood. The results are expected to make a contribution to the mountain people and researchers who want to study about mountain disasters.
  • Recent activities:
  • Attended bilateral seminars at Lanzhou University, China on 22 October 2013 and at Xi'an Jialtong University, China on 24 October 2013 (中国,蘭州大学と西安交通大学で開かれたセミナーで発表をしました)
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