Amit Kumar BATAR


出身大学:University of Delhi

  • Life History:
  • I was born in a small village near the capital of India. I have done Master's and M.Phil from Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, India. I love Japanese people and their culture. I am very happy to continue my research as a Doctoral student in Graduate School of Environmental Science, Hokkaido University.
  • Interested Area of Research:
  • Glacier, Glacial lake, Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs), Hydrology, Watershed management

  • Research Plan:
  • My research focuses on glaciers, glacial lakes, their distribution, inventory and identification of critical or potential glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) and their hazard in Uttrakhand Himalaya, India. Glacial lake hazards and glacial lake distributions are investigated in many glaciated/glacierized regions of the world, but comparably little attention has been given to these topics in the Indian Himalayas. Glacial lakes are an indirect indicator of glacier change and unstable lakes can present hazards to downstream locations. I hope, my research results can make a contribution to the mountain people.
  • My chapter (Prioritizing Watersheds for Sustainable Development in Swan Catchment Area, Himachal Pradesh, India, by Amit Kumar Batar, R.B. Singh and Ajay Kumar) was published in "Environmental Geography of South Asia" from Springer in 2015:
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