YANG Liu(楊 柳;
ヨウ リュウ)

  • 出身地:
  • China (中国)
  • Life history:
  • My name is Yang Liu and I was born in Hefei, China. After dwelling in Imabari, Shikoku, western Japan for one year as an exchange student, I moved to Sapporo for further study. I really enjoy the life in Japan and the kindness of Japanese. I hope that I can learn more as a Master’s student in future. I have determined efforts to achieve it.
    Girls, be ambitious!
  • Hobbies:
  • I love to cook, and I am a good cook, though I say it by myself.
  • Research interests:
  • My major was International Tourism when I used to be an exchange student in Japan. I am interested in development of tourism resources, especially natural resources. I think it is a challenge to realize the exchange of nature and economic benefits, while reducing the damage to the environment at utmost. However, my research is about sustainable development of natural tourism resources.