SHA Shuo (沙 硕;
サ セキ)

  • 出身地:
  • Fushun, Liaoning Province, China
  • 出身大学:
  • Dalian University of Foreign Languages
  • Motto:
  • Stay foolish, Stay hungry  

  • 趣味:
  • Badminton. climbing mountains. reading, making new friends
  • Interests:
  • My have been studied in Hokuriku University for half a year, as an exchange student from China, the clean environment in Japan impressed me deeply, especially the carefully protected mountain and forest, which gave me a great shock. It is totally different from China, I gradually realized the severity of mountainous areas in our country. So, I want to focus on studying sustainable development of mountainous areas, I will also try my best to gain more experiences in investigation and analysis for this hard field study.