TU’IPULOTU Sandy Siutiti

  • Country of Origin(出身地):
  • Kingdom of TONGA (located at the Pacific Ocean) トンガ王国

  • Previous University(出身大学):
  • Lincoln University, Christchurch, New Zealand

  • Job placement(本国での職業):
  • Ministry of Tourism, Government of Tonga(トンガ王国,観光省)

  • Motto(モットー):
  • Without commitment, you will never get started. But more importantly, without consistency, you will never finish.

  • Research interests(研究上の興味):
  • Sustainable Tourism Development and Management

  • Hobbies(趣味):
  • To travel to places and experience a different environment, and to learn their culture and history. Also, I love watching movies, listening to music and spending hours talking with family, friends, colleagues or classmates about their life and their experiences.

  • About myself(自己紹介):
  • My passion is tourism because I was raised up in a family that strongly involved in tourism Industry. After graduation, I have an opportunity to work for the Government of Tonga at the Ministry of Tourism, where I understood the status and situation of the tourism industry in Tonga. Knowing that the Industry brought great benefit to the country but on the other hand it affects the environment, I started to become more interested in environmental issues such as climate change. Therefore, I want to study the Industry’s pattern within these years and discover more on the environmental issues that may or may not be caused by the tourism industry and I want to be able to predict the future of the industry.