ジョシュア ササホンビ

  • 出身地:
  • Palua New Guinea

  • Motto:
  • Sacrifice, commitment and perseverance

  • Life History:
  • I grew up in a province (East Sepik) on the northern tip of the Island of New Guinea (Western Pacific). Attended University of Papua New Guinea and graduated with Honors Degree in 2017. Before coming to Japan (Hokkaido University for my Master study) I worked with UNDP for 2 years as, Assistant National Disaster Database Officer.
  • Research interests:
  • While working within UNDP on disaster management and database, I developed a keen interest in disaster database software and Big data analytics for disaster planning, response and recovery.
    In my research, I am looking at finding ways on how I can use the current technology (mobile, communications, network etc) and try to filter the Big data on various sources for real-time disaster analysis, storage and archiving for effective disaster management, planning and response in Papua New Guinea.